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New website is here!

We have put together and launched our new website!

Nomina single-serving porridges

Three new Nomina porridges are made for simple preparation of a hearty dish.

Hidden gluten in food - what to watch out for

It generally applies that gluten-free food can be divided into naturally gluten-free and that which has had the gluten removed during the production p...

How to prepare a healthy breakfast

Let us show you how significantly your diet can affect your immunity making you resistant to potential cold or even flu or tonsillitis.

About Nominal

Nature, care, humility and diligence

A lot has happened over the twenty seven plus years of our company’s existence (*est. in 1993). We have managed to grow not only as a company but also as a family adding a new generation of children. They are the inspiration for all of our health-minded decision making. We are primarily focused on the quality of our raw ingredients, some of which we cultivate ourselves.

Where you can buy our products

The map shows the shops offering the complete range of our products.

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