Our cereal porridge family has grown by a new member.

Our cereal porridge family has grown by a new member. We call it Nomík. We strive to please all porridge lovers with its fine taste and texture. It is made from two naturally gluten-free, easily digestible, nutritious, and last but not least, popular ingredients, millet and rice. The rice is dehusked in this case classifying the product among the more gentle ones with lower fibre content. This makes the porridge suitable even for those who need to reduce the amount of fibre in their diets for health reasons. 

Apart from the pure grain crops, the porridge contains no added ingredients. That means no milk, flavourings or added sugar. Everything is under your control, and only you decide what liquid, fruit or seeds to choose and how sweet the porridge will be. As with any other Nomina porridge, it is sufficient to mix a couple of tablespoons of the product in a hot liquid, mix well, let expand for a few minutes, and the meal is ready to be served.


We believe that Nomík will find its way onto your breakfast table. 

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Our cereal porridge family has grown by a new member.


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